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automations.client journeys.CRM systems.solutions.

We build great automations.client journeys.CRM systems.solutions

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Custom Automations

Stop wishing for more time. Let us help you automate the ideas you have for your business.

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Lead Generation

B2B lead generation. Start growing your sales funnel automatically through LinkedIn.

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CRM System

Grow your business with an all-in-one CRM, sales & marketing software for serious business owners.

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Automating Works
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Simone HarcourtsSimone Harcourts
23:39 21 Nov 22
Ron from Automating works has made such a difference to my real estate business. Automating my real estate processes as much as possible, improving my vendors and purchaser's serviceability, but still coming across as personable as ever, something that is really important to me as an agent and a true people person. Ron is extremely reliable, comes up with tailor-made solutions for your business or industry and just totally delivers. I would highly recommend to get in touch with Ron to check what automation can do for your business. Thanks Ron!
Punga HolyoakePunga Holyoake
01:45 31 May 22
Bringing my business back to life, after 2 years of hibernation was made so easy (and fun) working with Automating Works! They understood my business model and wanted to help anyway they could to make re-launching seamless and easy. Thanks so much, I am looking forward to continuing my working journey with you :)
Andrew EarlesAndrew Earles
02:01 13 May 22
I have been working with Ron from Automation Works for almost 12 months and it has been a game changer for our business. One of their automations for us has taken our proposal preparation time from 30 minutes to 2 minute (and the plan is to get to zero minutes!!). And there’s many more examples like that. He is creative, solves problems and leverages his business owner experience when we work together on automations. I highly recommend them!!
Peter Fullerton-SmithPeter Fullerton-Smith
22:22 12 May 22
Automating Works are AWESOME!! I have used them for as number of businesses now and recommended them to others. Every time they make my life exponentially easier by streamlining and automating so many things and more interestingly they are the things I didn't even expect could be automated.
21:01 19 Apr 22
I highly recommend using Automating Works to improve how your business works - one of the best business decisions I've made! I only had a very basic knowledge of automation when I spoke with them, and was blown away by all that could be automated. Ron is great to work with, and clearly explained all that is automation to me and he designed a system that works perfectly for my law practice. I am now able to concentrate on doing more billable work rather than administrative and marketing tasks! I'm able to do so much with the one system, including storing all my leads and contacts, as well as save client documents and file notes, and send out automatic emails that have been designed for each legal stage. Plus it's a fun interface to work with. Thank you Automating Works!

Our Approach.

Making your customer journey, our journey

We will work side by side with you to bring your vision to life. Automating your business processes is so much more than providing operational efficiency, it’s about transforming your day-to-day tasks into a customer journey that will transform the way you work.

Design Customer Journey

A strategic direction that is clear-cut, strong, and results orientated.

If we’d be invited to either implement single automation or map an entire customer journey you will gain deep insight into the why and how behind what you could be doing. We either do this from a revenue-generating or technology perspective, both build on what you need to deliver to your customers in the long term.

Create Smarter Processes

Let’s get ready to automate your client journey.

Based on the Business Process mapping that aligns with your vision and your customer decision journey we will be identifying automation’s, objectives, timeframe & process steps. All to develop smarter processing for your company.

Build the Automation

Implementing technological know-how that will transform your company.

We will implement systems and strategies using your company’s existing data and dashboards. We take a proven approach and know-how to create automation’s which will go hand in hand with your CRM system and will connect people, information, and actions.

Automation Manual

Manual for the efficient and safe use of your automation’s.

A clear user manual contributes to the positive image of your new Automation’s and contributes to using it effectively around the team.

Are you ready to automate your client journey?

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We all know that building a business is DIFFICULT. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. When you automate and systematise your business, you will take a massive step towards freedom

Custom Automation.

What do you wish was easier in your business? We love helping businesses automate so they can grow. Whether you are in the small start up stage or running a multiple 7 figure business, ALL of us will benefit from automation.


In our over-scheduled world, leads and clients need reminders about appointments—and reminders of reminders, too. Forgotten appointments translate to wasted time and money for your business, but you can’t afford to spend hours playing each client’s personal assistant.


Do you find yourself copying and pasting the same email to customers or prospects? Perhaps you want to follow up after someone completes their free trial or you want to ask for their feedback. Instead of remembering when to send each email, automation can do all the work for you.


The field of Marketing Automation is growing at an astonishing rate. Marketing automation is one of the most popular methods to create personalised customer experiences. If you are not using Marketing Automation (properly) in your company, you are missing out.


Online proposal software can help you create amazingly looking proposals your clients will love. Build a repeatable, scalable closing process with easy-to-use online proposal software, link this to your CRM and automate the set up process.


Contracts play a critical role in many businesses. That doesn’t make them worthy of your time. Leave the paper-chasing to your software by setting up automated processes and use an eSignature. A signature tool will allow you and your client to sign anywhere, at any time.


Getting paid in full, on time without any hassle. Dealing with invoices can be a painful task for small business owners. Set up an automation to autogenerate your invoice from your CRM and sent out reminders when you’d like to.


Automation software organizes the existing process that sales reps follow to close a deal. The road from prospect to paying client includes a few stops. Mapping the route—and adding automation to the journey—helps your sales reps guide prospects from one destination to the next, ensuring no one gets lost along the way.


When using a website, you’ve probably seen a chat interface at the bottom-right of your screen. They help you find information about a product or service, answer your questions, offer options for upselling, etc. For business owners, chatbots automate customer support and offer 24/7 help even during off-hours.

Don’t get trapped in your own closed mind. Be Curious, use out-of-the-box ideas, Automate and Create Time

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Lead Generation.

Finding leads online. We can help you with the set up or you can outsource it to us.

You should think of lead generation as an extremely efficient way to pay for advertising. Instead of spending thousands on a standard marketing campaign, employ the services of a lead generator. We utilise methods that go straight to your target group and consequently generate promising leads.

Ron | add me on LinkedIn

Linkedin, the number #1 platform for B2B lead generation.

Linkedin, the number #1 platform for B2B lead generation.

LinkedIn, is a gold mine for generating B2B leads. Learn more about our LinkedIn Program to gain hot leads for your business, expand your network of potential customers and get lot’s of interaction by people visiting your LinkedIn profile and website.

…our three simple steps without spending money on ads.

Step 1

Your ideal Lead

Step 2

LinkedIn optimalisation

Step 3

We start connecting you

Step 1:

Your ideal lead

We identify your ideal client:

  • What industry would you like to target?
  • What type of companies are you looking for?
  • Do you have any location preferences?
  • Who (in the company) would you like to connect with?

Step 2:

LinkedIn optimalisation

We optimise your LinkedIn profile:

  • Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn
  • Create and add the best possible background photo
  • Pick your best possible headline
  • Ensure your personal profile is best set up for searches & impressions
  • Draft up a catchy connection message

Step 3:

We start connecting

You can sit and wait for leads, while we:

  • Send out between 900 and 1200 connection requests for you every month.
  • Collect between 200 and 400 new connections.
  • Provide you with a monthly overview of people who connected each month
  • Guaranteed leads or a refund on your money

Lead Generation Reinvented.

Identify and automatically engage with your ideal customers, using proven lead generation strategies.

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Keap CRM.

Wish you had eight arms? We all do.

That’s why Keap is our preferred CRM. This is the CRM and sales and marketing tool that help you get more done with less work so you can grow your business.

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Back in 2007 I started the internship agency New Zealand Internships with my good friend and business partner Marcel Roos. When the business started growing we soon realised that we needed processes in place to keep consistency in our work and maintain our high level of customer service. We tried building our own database, worked with sheets etc. but realised that that was simply not efficient. There were new Apps coming to the market every day and I wanted to be able to connect them and have them operating together to make my life easier! I wanted a smooth and straightforward process which would do it all, not have multiple systems to do different things where there was a much higher chance of something not working or a step being missed. I wanted to be able to automate follow up’s. Ensure that our sign ups were processed in our database (CRM) and registered in the pipeline so no one was missed. I wanted to integrate our CRM with programs like Xero, Mail-chimp and contract apps like Docusign so that I didn’t miss an invoice, email or have to remember to send a contract. I wanted to make sure the use of our time was proactive for our business, and not just a lot of administration.

Passion for automation

Now years later and over 5000 interns successfully placed within companies in New Zealand and Australia I am still the Director, but not needed full time anymore. Why? Because we have systems in place to do all of the things that I wanted to do.

I did however pick up a passion for Automation and instead of putting my feet up, I have decided that I would rather share this with other companies and start ups who’d like to improve their processes to ensure that they are spending as much time on their business as possible, rather than getting caught up in the Admin.

If somebody is offering you automation services, they'd better be passionate about it.

If somebody is offering you automation services, they'd better be passionate about it.

“To be able to offer automation to small and start up companies I think it is important to have been through the whole process yourself so that there is a full understanding of what is needed”.


You can contact us by any of the traditional methods (email/phone), but the best option would be to use our Online Call Scheduler (below) to select a mutually convenient time for a chat.

After your booking, the system will automatically schedule a Zoom call and send you a link. At the time of the call, all you need to do is click the Zoom link we will email you to join the call. We can then simply speak and if required share screens (works on PC, Mac, and even smartphones).

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