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Automating your follow-ups (Stay engaged)

We have all done it, gone to a function or event and had some great conversations and connections with people and taken their business card with the intention of following up the next day, or the next working day at the least. Then the little pile of cards sits on your desk if you are lucky, and if not, then they are still in the jacket pocket or bag where they hang out until you can’t even remember who the person was and if they were a hot lead for now, or someone you might like to have a coffee with.

  • Don’t miss out on leads, or new friends! Transfer contact information from the business card to your CRM tool, tagging each person as a conference or event contact. Then use automation software to schedule an email to be sent, whether you want to follow up an hour later or the next day.

Nice to meet you!

“Hello again, [Contact Name]!
It was great chatting with you at the conference this week. If my services can be helpful to you, I’d
love to continue the conversation.”

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Want a shortcut? Download an app that scans business cards using your smartphone’s camera and uploads contact information to your records. Keap’s mobile app , which is free, adds a person’s name, contact information, address, and company directly to Keap starting your follow up automation (scheduled for the next day) straight away.

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