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Calendar Automation

With so much happening all of the time, at the click of a button, sometimes things can become a bit overwhelming. Pop-ups and notifications beeping at you ongoing? Reminders for reminders to make sure you haven’t “snoozed” something important? Missed appointments translate into wasted time and money for your business.

  • We cannot act as your Personal Assistant, but our software can come close!

How does it work?

The system will need important information like name, email, and when the appointment is for, but by filling in this form all of the information is entered into the system and the automation software takes over. Filling in these details is the start for another sequence of emails: an appointment confirmation, followed by reminders in the days or hours prior to the appointment.

  • If the client or lead cancels, the software will automatically notify you so you can follow up and reschedule.

Let your clients do the scheduling

It allows customers to see the times you are available and then book their own appointment at a convenient time. You will receive an email notification and the appointment goes straight to your calendar. Saving you time and multiple emails.

  • Take things to the next level and sync your online calendar with our scheduling tool.

Ready to try it?

Try our calendar for a quick meet and greet!

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