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Welcome a new client

Don’t think of the sale as the end of the relationship with your customer, because it is in fact the beginning of it.

  • Create a great first impression by showing your new customers how much you value them.

  • Welcome them with a series of emails to let them know how you will support them, and that they are not just a number to you.

Stay engaged

It does not matter what stage of this process your customers are at- are they fully engaged or just gaining information? – they will receive the same fantastic customer service from you to find out who you are and what you do. More importantly, what you will do/have done to help them.

By setting up a trigger in your software, it is easy to stay in touch with your customers- providing that exceptional customer service.

  • They make a purchase, and there is an automatic email generated to thank them for their custom and telling them a little more about your company.

  • You might even consider including a thank you gift such as a discount on the customers next purchase with you?

Don’t forget to follow up!

The next automatic email will check in with them, shortly after the client has started using your product or services to see how they’re doing. By supplementing the simple email with adding helpful content, like tips about using the product, or suggesting some of your corresponding products that may be of interest, you are building on the customer service and engagement with your company.

  • A few days later, you send the final email of this series and ask for feedback.

  • Send a survey or asking how your business could improve to take action sooner rather than later if it is needed, or to give yourself a pat on the back that all is going well.

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