Finding leads online. We can help you with the set up or you can outsource it to us.

You should think of lead generation as an extremely efficient way to pay for advertising. Instead of spending thousands on a standard marketing campaign, employ the services of a lead generator. We utilise methods that go straight to your target group and consequently generate promising leads.

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Linkedin, the number #1 platform for
B2B lead generation.

LinkedIn, is a gold mine for generating B2B leads. Learn more about our LinkedIn Program to gain hot leads for your business, expand your network of potential customers and get lot’s of interaction by people visiting your LinkedIn profile and website.

…our three simple steps without spending money on ads.

Step 1

Your ideal Lead

Step 2

LinkedIn optimalisation

Step 3

We start connecting you

Step 1:

Your ideal lead

We identify your ideal client:

  • What industry would you like to target?
  • What type of companies are you looking for?
  • Do you have any location preferences?
  • Who (in the company) would you like to connect with?

Step 2:

LinkedIn optimalisation

We optimise your LinkedIn profile:

  • Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn
  • Create and add the best possible background photo
  • Pick your best possible headline
  • Ensure your personal profile is best set up for searches & impressions
  • Draft up a catchy connection message

Step 3:

We start connecting

You can sit and wait for leads, while we:

  • Send out between 900 and 1200 connection requests for you every month.
  • Collect between 200 and 400 new connections.
  • Provide you with a monthly overview of people who connected each month
  • Guarantee leads or refund your money