Our Approach.

Making your customer journey, our journey

We will work side by side with you to bring your vision to life. Automating your business processes is so much more than providing operational efficiency, it’s about transforming your day-to-day tasks into a customer journey that will transform the way you work.

Design Customer Journey

A strategic direction that is clear-cut, strong, and results orientated.

If we’d be invited to either implement single automation or map an entire customer journey you will gain deep insight into the why and how behind what you could be doing. We either do this from a revenue-generating or technology perspective, both build on what you need to deliver to your customers in the long term.

Create Smarter Processes

Let’s get ready to automate your client journey.

Based on the Business Process mapping that aligns with your vision and your customer decision journey we will be identifying automation’s, objectives, timeframe & process steps. All to develop smarter processing for your company.

Build the Automation

Implementing technological know-how that will transform your company.

We will implement systems and strategies using your company’s existing data and dashboards. We take a proven approach and know-how to create automation’s which will go hand in hand with your CRM system and will connect people, information, and actions.

Automation Manual

Manual for the efficient and safe use of your automation’s.

A clear user manual contributes to the positive image of your new Automation’s and contributes to using it effectively around the team.

Are you ready to automate your client journey?

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How can we help.

Ready to make automation work for your company?

At Automating Works we offer a range of services and tools to help our clients improve their business processes and operations to achieve sustainable improvements in performance. We focus primarily on business effectiveness and improve efficiencies through automation services.

Learn to automate your business yourself

We help you set up and provide helpful videos.

What if you could leave all the confusion behind? What if you could narrow your focus down and actually start automating your company yourself? It’s all possible with our Keap DIY package.

Customized done-for-you automations

Work one-on-one with us to create the automation’s your business needs.

We know that not every company is the same and that each one is unique. That’s why we don’t say one size fits all! because it really doesn’t… We’ve got packages, services, and support for every stage of business and each unique company. If you want customized done-for-you work implemented within your company at lightning speed. Come and meet us and we’ll help you create an automation recipe that works for your company!

We deliver expertise you can trust.


We’ve utilised the last ten years working with several CRM systems and automation’s to help rock-star entrepreneurs like yourself, find easy ways to scale their businesses and reclaim their lives.


Our team will overcome obstacles, won’t focus on the clock, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.

Trust Worthy

To demonstrate our trustworthiness we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the first invoice. So what this means to you as a new client is that there is no risk, if you are not 100% satisfied after we have worked together for the first month then just feedback to me that I have not added value to your business and I will happily refund your fee payment – this excludes any Keap (or other CRM / automation tools) subscription fees.

We bring you the best possible automations for your business.

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